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Cotton Jersey

Light-weight and stretchy Cotton Jersey Fabric is ideal for dress-making, fashion and kids apparel as leggings, rompers, etc.

Perfect Fabric for Summer Clothes

Fine Ribbed Jersey

Fine Ribbed Jersey is very soft to touch, has good drape qualities and it is quite stretchy. The fabric has a distinctive ridged pattern running vertically along the fabric.

It is perfect for making loungewear, tops, dresses, leggings.

Pointelle Jersey

Our super soft and airy Pointelle Cotton Jersey has a distinctive diamond motif.

Perfect for making delicate tops, loungewear, dresses, baby clothing and nursery items.

Mini Cable Jersey

Mini Cable Jersey is beautifully soft cotton jersey fabric which features a mini cable knit design. It is stretchy and very flexible and is wonderfully easy to work with.

You can use this fabric for sewing tops and dresses.

Ribbed Jersey

Ribbed Jersey has distinctive ribs which run horizontally on the surface and trap warm air to provide insulation.

It is mainly used for sewing sweaters, cardigans, long sleeve T-shirts and dresses.


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